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How Obama’s climate change legacy is weakened by US investment in dirty fuel

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The system took shape in the 1960s and 70s as the public and politicians sounded the alarm about the environmental legacy of decades of. than in his effort to reverse US progress on climate change.

Obama Legacy: This week, the Trump administration announced that it would revise President Obama’s draconian auto fuel economy mandates. That alone is big news. But it marks the near total.

Thus sits the legacy of the radical climate change movement – yet. So, what does the DHS need to do to keep us safe? Townhall Magazine lays out a Homeland Security agenda. With all the disasters.

-"How Obama’s climate change legacy is weakened by US investment in dirty fuel" -"Obama’s dirty secret: the fossil fuel projects the US littered around the world" -"Potential Export-Import Bank deals pose grave environmental threat, experts say"

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How Obama’s climate change legacy is weakened by US investment in dirty fuel by Asaf Shalev, Michael Phillis, Elah Feder & Susanne Rust, Guardian, Nov 30, 2016; He created a beloved blog about the melting Arctic. But it got harder and harder to write by Chris Mooney, Energy &.

Obama was dubbed the first "climate president" for acknowledging the real threat of global warming, although critics argued his record was blemished by investments in dirty fuels around the world . In 2015, the clean power plan was billed as the strongest action ever on climate change by a US.

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Our 10 favorite climate quotes by President Barack Obama in 2014. Scientists cannot figure out the weather in a week, they certainly cannot with any reasonable accuracy make claim that within 80 years florida will have a 1 inch sea rise let alone 1-4+ ft rise. It’s basically crackpot science.

"Looking at individual policy accomplishments doesn’t do justice to President Obama’s legacy on climate change.The component parts of his actions – from making cars and power plants cleaner to preserving major swaths of land and sea for future generations to leading on global ocean policy to beginning to take on industrial methane pollution – tell a story about how he and his administration addressed the problem.

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